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“I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested in seeing things new.”

Ernst Haas

Beginning photographer that follows her dream.

Let me show you what you might be missing:

How colors complete each other so beautifully,
how lines refer to each other perfectly,
how a building used to be something,
how there is always something special to see,
how people are,
how trains and their stations make you dream;
how my life has meaning,
how I want to be remembered and not to soon forgotten,
how everywhere and any time there is a tale to tell,
how every moment is immediately gone,
how the ordinary is unusual and the unusual ordinary,
how reality and appearances intrigue me, and I like to play with that,
how beauty exists,
how our world looks like (sometimes nice and good sometimes sad and ugly),
how exciting contradictions are,
how an image refuses to let you go,
how  I draw and write without pencil or pen,
how much I like to look,
however I  also keep looking.
The things I see.
The things I want you to see.


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